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Tasty Tom Jollof Mix 1.1kg

Tasty Tom Jollof Mix 1.1kg

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Experience the authentic taste of West Africa with Tasty Tom Jollof Mix. This 1.1kg packet is your secret to creating the perfect jollof rice, a staple at any gathering. Infused with rich, traditional flavors, Tasty Tom simplifies the cooking process while enhancing your dish with depth and spice. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts and busy cooks alike, it's a must-have item from African Goods Market.

Simply heat some oil, blend in the Tasty Tom Jollof Mix, toss in your preferred spices and add rice. Your kitchen will soon fill with an aroma that promises a delicious meal. Embrace the vibrant culture of African cuisine and bring a dash of excitement to your table with every scoop!

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